The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled Review

Joel Oliphint of the Other Paper has reviewed our album and here are some things he had to say:

"At last year’s Comfest, I caught the Lost Revival’s Off Ramp set. I particularly remember the band playing a new song called “Two Minus One Equals One.”


It was one of my favorite moments of the weekend—an intense, boozy vamp that seemed to change directions and tempo on a whim. It also showcased singer Kevin Collins’s ability to go from a thick, throaty croon to a circus-banshee wail. Exciting stuff.

Fortunately, the tune made it onto the Lost Revival’s third full-length, The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled—along with plenty of other good ones—making a visit to Comfest’s band-merch tent mandatory this weekend. Collins and guitarist Dan Kirschenbaum, the band’s two mainstays, made the album by venturing into Sonic Lounge Studios with the rest of the band (drums, keys, sax, backing vocalists) and enlisting engineer Jay Alton to man the controls.

I’d been hoping the Lost Revival would push itself in new directions on the last record. Turns out the band saved that push for this one, incorporating wiry, tribal guitar leads and saxophone solos, along with scene-setting instrumental interludes peppered throughout. wouldn’t be the Lost Revival if Collins didn’t go big. And gloriously epic songs such as “Here With My Name” and “Title Track” more than make up for the excess."