The Lost Revival: To Hell With Them All

Tear It Down 

New Video showing the making of album art for our upcoming album.

Exciting Stuff! 

Our tune "Permanent Lunch" has been featured as the Indie song of the day at Alternative Addiction. Check it out here!

Also, 614 Magazine put out an awesome article on us and American Heir. Some highlights:

With American Heir, Collins has crafted the best album of his career...The result is a record that includes not only Collins’ trademark melancholic ramblings, but a pure energy from the rest of the team that counters with bursts of revelatory atmosphere...on songs like “Baby @ 15” and “2 Left Feet,” he…

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New Video 

New video for our first single off of our forthcoming album, American Heir. This one is called Permanent Lunch. Enjoy.

New Record Forthcoming. 

Hey world,

We are getting mighty close to finishing a new record, and trust us, this one is a doozy. Just finished recording some strings the other day, and finalizing mixes; now off for mastering. 

Thanks Columbus! 

That was a hell of a turnout, thanks Independent's Day 2016 and thanks Columbus! Stay tuned for more action.

Your local heathens,

-The Lost Revival


We're back 

Hey friends, it's been a while. How have you been? You're looking particularly handsome. Why, you haven't aged a day!
Anywho, we are excited to announce we are reuniting for Independents' Day2016! High fives!
We look forward to seeing you there. Stay tuned for more information.