Hey world,

We are getting mighty close to finishing a new record, and trust us, this one is a doozy. Just finished recording some strings the other day, and finalizing mixes; now off for mastering. 

Hey world, it's us. We're playing a show November 18th at the Shrunken Head with our old buddies in Sunrise Reset (formerly Monolithic Cloud Parade.) Come one, come all.



That was a hell of a turnout, thanks Independent's Day 2016 and thanks Columbus! Stay tuned for more action.

Your local heathens,

-The Lost Revival


Hey friends, it's been a while. How have you been? You're looking particularly handsome. Why, you haven't aged a day!
Anywho, we are excited to announce we are reuniting for Independents' Day2016! High fives!
We look forward to seeing you there. Stay tuned for more information.

We want to thank everyone in the world but mostly the amazing Vis A Vis but mostly the loves of our lives The George Elliot Underground but mostly mild-mannered-reporter-by-day DJ Permanent Press but mostly all of you insanely awesome people who packed Kobo Live and drank all of their damn beer but mostly anyone who ever came to any of our shows and mostly each other and mostly our luminous friends and fans.

We don't have a tally of how many shows we've played, how many records we've sold, how many millions of dollars we've made, how many different people have been in The Lost Revival over the years...we know we've seen Chris Cheeseman's uncovered torso more than his covered torso.

To all of the bands we've played with, bars we've played in, and people we've played for, thank you for giving us an opportunity to do what we love for seven years. We already miss playing for you. 

"It was a privilege flying with you." - Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Apollo 13 (the movie)

Feel free to come over and watch season 8 of The Simpsons with us.

Hey there

We are putting on one last blowout at Kobo tonight before we ride off into the sunset on our trusty old band horse. We will be joined by the George Elliot Underground, Vis a Vis and Dj Permanent Press. Expect songs off all three of our albums and a ton of people crammed onto a tiny stage. Then have a triumphant dance party with us to the sounds of DJ Permanent Press.

We love you,


We'll be playing at Skully's at 10 tonight. I know, you're thinking, "But, Lost Revival, I'm going to be at Comfest! I must stay until the music stops!" We both know that's not true, and besides, there are two more glorious Comfest days left this weekend. You can't say that about TLR. So, beat the crowd and get thee to Skully's.

The Lost Revival is coming to an end.
After releasing three albums, and performing since 2008 (not mentioning our two previous years as Youngstown Tune-up) we've decided that it is time to move onto new adventures. Since our guitarist Dan moved to Brooklyn almost a year ago, we decided to see how we could move forward as a band. Although we've adjusted our lineup and have played a few shows with this new lineup, we have come to the conclusion that it is best to move on and start exploring new musical adventures. We are playing Skully's on June 28th and this will be our last show in our new incarnation. We have not yet set the date, but we are planning one last epic show in the Fall, and we will post more information as it becomes available. We appreciate all of the support we have gotten over the years, and we look forward to playing two last Columbus shows. Come out to Skully's on June 28th to see the second to last Lost Revival show, and we promise to make these last two shows count.
Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk y'all,
Kevin and the Lost Revival


Maybe we're a little late on this, but y'all should check out this write up of our last album by Ryan at I am Tuned Up.


Check out the write up our last show got, and yes, Cheeseman is our drummer's real last name. Come on out to Scarlet and Gray on Saturday.


Well we had a blast on our tour and big thanks to Alert New London! Now to wash the smell of tour off of our beautiful skin...

Thanks to everyone who came out to Kobo last night to help us kick off the tour!  Alert New London were in fine form and we appreciate everyone who braved the cold.  On to Youngstown we go, come on out to Cedar's tonight!

Come on out on 12/26/12 to Kobo and enjoy The Lost Revival and our talented/handsome friends Alert New London at Kobo.

Send us well wishes as we go out on tour with the fine gents of ANL. Here are the tour dates:
12/26 - Kobo Live - Columbus OH

12/27 - Cedars Lounge - Youngstown OH

12/28 - The Beach House - Kent OH

12/29 - The Legendary Dobbs - Philly PA

12/30 - The Delancey - NYC

Hey party people,

We have a brand new video for "Two Minus One Equals One" that we are premiering today.

This was shot and edited by the amazing Corey Fry.
Joel @ Donewaiting.com had this to say about it:
"I’ve never seen a bad Lost Revival show, and this new video for “Two Minus One Equals One” from the band’s latest release, The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled, does a good job of showing why. There’s nothing particularly special about the slow-mo footage (shot by Monolithic Cloud Parade’s Corey Fry) in the video: just some good camera work of the Lost Revival onstage and some brief moments captured off-stage rehearsing, loading, etc. But those onstage moments reveal a lot; when it’s slowed down, you can see just how much Kevin Collins squeezes out of every performance. He’s a showman to the core.
Independents’ Day is this week, and, as usual, it boasts a strong lineup of Columbus bands. You can catch The Lost Revival at the Gay & Third stage @ 4:40 on Saturday."
Come on out to see us this Saturday and watch our video often.


Well looks like we didn't get Summerfest, but there were over 600 people who showed up to watch the competition.  Our newest album The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled is now available to be purchased online! 
Buy our album

Hey Kiddos,

We had a blast at Skully's on Friday and we are waiting on the results.  That was one hell of a crowd, and one hell of a night.  We have a live video from our time in New York playing the Bushwick walkabout.  Check it out:

Come on out this Friday to Skully's for FREE!  We will be playing with Forest and the Evergreens and Bonneville.  We need your vote!

Hey party people!  Our tour was a blast, and we thank all of the wonderful establishments that hosted us, along with everyone that came out!

Not only is today the official release date of The Dark Knight Rises, it is also the day that we found out we are in contention for CD101's Summerfest featuring Metric and Ben Kweller!

Come out to Skully's on 7/27/12 to show your support so that we can blow some minds!

Hey all, we are going to be going on a little tour this week in support of our new album.  We just played Park Street Patio in Columbus and had a blast.  Come see us in Philadelphia at Dobb's on Thursday 7/12.  We will then be in Brooklyn on the 14th playing a show a the Bushwick Walkabout festival, then at Arlene's Grocery.




Hey all,

We added another song to our player, and at facebook.com/thelostrevival.  This song is the title track off of our album.  Enjoy!
Also, tonight we are having our Cd Release/Comfest After-party at KOBO with the George Elliot Underground (also releasing a CD), Town Monster and Estocar!  Come on out, a life-changing experience is guaranteed!

The song "Two Minus One Equals One" was mentioned in our Other Paper Review and it can be heard here at lostrevival.com or here at our facebook page

Chris Deville did a nice write up abut our album for Columbus Alive:

Kevin Collins and company are back with another album of breathy, ballsy post-Springsteen bloodletting. “The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled” covers a whopping 55 minutes over 17 tracks, allowing the band to show off new tricks like the art-damaged bliss of “We the Devil” and the untamed charge of “Ma Cherie.

Click here

Joel Oliphint of the Other Paper has reviewed our album and here are some things he had to say:

"At last year’s Comfest, I caught the Lost Revival’s Off Ramp set. I particularly remember the band playing a new song called “Two Minus One Equals One.”

It was one of my favorite moments of the weekend—an intense, boozy vamp that seemed to change directions and tempo on a whim. It also showcased singer Kevin Collins’s ability to go from a thick, throaty croon to a circus-banshee wail. Exciting stuff.

Fortunately, the tune made it onto the Lost Revival’s third full-length, The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled—along with plenty of other good ones—making a visit to Comfest’s band-merch tent mandatory this weekend. Collins and guitarist Dan Kirschenbaum, the band’s two mainstays, made the album by venturing into Sonic Lounge Studios with the rest of the band (drums, keys, sax, backing vocalists) and enlisting engineer Jay Alton to man the controls.

I’d been hoping the Lost Revival would push itself in new directions on the last record. Turns out the band saved that push for this one, incorporating wiry, tribal guitar leads and saxophone solos, along with scene-setting instrumental interludes peppered throughout.

...it wouldn’t be the Lost Revival if Collins didn’t go big. And gloriously epic songs such as “Here With My Name” and “Title Track” more than make up for the excess."


It's up here and on Facebook.  Listen.

We have posted the first song from our new album The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled, and the song is called "Here With My Name."  It is in the audio player on the right side of this website, and on the band page at facebook.com/thelostrevival.  We are releasing our album this Friday at Kobo and performing at Comfest on Sunday at 4:30.  Enjoy!

Here is a behind the scenes look at the making of our album The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled which will be released one week from today at Kobo with GEU and Town Monster. The album was produced by Jay Alton and mastered by Brian Lucey. They are both amazing beings. This video is by Phil Chester.


The Lost Revival // In The Studio from Phil Chester on Vimeo.

Come see us tomorrow night at Skully's.  The album release is quickly approaching, check out this video from our unplugged set at Kobo's 2 year anniversary.

Hey people,

This show is coming up and this is for a great cause.  Please come out to Circus and show your support.


Jessica Walker needs our help!!! On Friday June 1st come help us raise money for our friend and help her in her recovery. These amazing bands our playing for FREE so all he money that comes through the door can go to help Jessica.

The Lost Revival,


Dead Set Ready,




The Rubber Soles,


Here is a live video(courtesy of Corey Fry) from our song "Two Minus One Equals One" which will be on our upcoming album.


Here is a live video for our new song "Madness Lies Therein."  This was once again filmed by the amazing Corey Fry.

To whet your appetites, here is a live video of our song "Ma Cherie" as taken by Corey Fry at Circus.

Thanks to everyone who came out for a sneak peak into our new album at Kobo last night, ate pizza with us, and listened to our acoustic set.  We had a blast.  We have a bunch going on in the coming months, and we will be releasing our third album really soon.  Remember, those who deny the existence of robots may be robots themselves.

All recording and mixing is done for our third album, and we will be releasing it on June 22nd at Kobo in Columbus.We can feel your anticipation building...

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